Lagos, Nigeria – November 9th, 2023 – YellowLyfe, a Nigerian-based experience company, recently concluded a successful three-day social event called Unwind Fest, which brought together over 800 attendees. The 3-day- festival featured a unique set of activities each day, aimed at reducing stress and facilitating networking opportunities. The event was held in Lagos from November 3rd – 5th, 2023.

Day 1, November 3rd, commenced with an industry mixer event held at Maison Fahrenheit, which brought together innovators and visionaries. The purpose of the gathering was to ease up networking while being serenaded by live performers and fun activities. The event was marked by a buzzing atmosphere, indicative of the innovative and dynamic nature of the attendees.

We had Samuel Onyemelukwe, Senior VP of Global Trace TV, to give a keynote speech on the importance of collaboration and rest in the tech/creative ecosystem.

Day 2,  November 4th. To support creatives, Creators’Unwind 23  which is the first edition was held at Vogue Beach Resort an event organized for writers, artists, digital creators, and others to network and have fun. This event aims to foster creativity, and networking to encourage individuals to thrive in their respective fields.

Day 3, The grand finale, TechUnwind which is the 5th edition in Lagos happened on November 5th at Artisan Backyard, it was a chilled-out playground for tech enthusiasts/professionals. With fun activities, casual tech chats, and networking, the event celebrated the tech community’s zest for life beyond the screen. 

“Across these three days, we’ve seen the magic that happens when great minds meet in a relaxed setting,” said Seyi Olaniyan, YellowLyfe’s CEO.

A big thank you to the sponsors who supported these special events, highlighting Yellowlyfe’s knack for blending business with leisure – Mainstack, Payaza, and MyInvestar for bringing this to reality.

Supported by: TraceNaija, SippaAfrica, KingofTheBull, OloriSuperGirl Media, 

Red Media, MyTruq, Radio Now, Zedi Africa, Elyzium, WiiCreate, chopYfe, YNaija.

YellowLyfe is already looking ahead, using the momentum from The Unwind Fest to grow the connections made at the event. Excitement is building for more events to continue celebrating innovation and bringing people together.

What to expect in 2024, we are expanding to other countries like London, Nairobi, Accra, and at least 10 cities in Nigeria. We look forward to fruitful partnerships to make this come to reality.

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Yellowlyfe is a 360 lifestyle brand at the forefront of designing, planning, and executing memorable experiences. With a holistic approach to lifestyle curation, Yellowlyfe has become synonymous with innovative events that not only entertain but also enrich lives.

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