If you went to University in Nigeria, chances are that everyone regardless of department and course did 100level on the main campus. However, people studying “professional” courses had an extra sense of pride in them.

Especially those courses where they left the main campus after year one. The guys that studied Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Lab science, Radiography, etc.

Here’s a list of the many atrocities they committed in their short time on the main campus.

Always reminding everyone that they are crossing over to Medical school.

Go to your promised land and leave us alone pls.

Telling everyone studying other courses about how they will be richer than them.

Odunlade Zikoko half-naked

Haq haq.

When you attempt to toast one of them.


Walking with only themselves all over campus.

Don’t you want to mingle?

Forming most busy.

Is it not this same 100 level we are all in?

Answering all the questions in class.

Na wa oohhh.

Crying if they don’t get 4.0 and above G.P at the end of the semester.

Really? Really?

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