10 Dirty Lies Nigerian Students Tell To Scam Their Parents

February 17, 2020

If you went to University in Nigeria, chances are that you or someone you know inflated the cost of schooling and its requirements.

Here are some of the most common lies Nigerian students use to collect money illegally from their parents:

1) “We have to buy Cadaver.”

Shout out to those medical students that did the most.

2) “They asked us to pay school fees again.”

Per semester criminal, well done.

3) “We are paying diploma fees until after 300level.”

The origin story of people who eventually became armed robbers.

4) “The course form costs N10,000.”

Lies. Unprovoked lies everywhere

5) “My project supervisor says we need plenty of money for the research.”

Iphone money complete.

6) “Daddy, they said we should all pay N200,000 before we graduate.”

Money for Nysc flex secured.

7) “I need money to buy 50 textbooks this semester.”

Educated thief.

8) “This Field trip will cost a lot of money.”

Haq. Haq.

9) “Mummy, they want us to buy like 100 lab materials.”

Pepper soup every night for the squad.

10) “They have increased Departmental dues, Faculty dues, Seminar money.”

Where seminar money = Enjoyment funds.

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