11 Things That Are Too Real For Students Studying At UNIBEN

January 27, 2020

Ask anyone studying at University of Benin to describe what their experience with the school is; you will hear a lot of things, but one word will be constant in the different variations – struggle. So, we decided to put some of these struggles into an article.

University of Benin

1. When Pharmacy students start their annual protest and block the gate again

UNIBEN Pharmacy

These nuisances are at it again. Aren’t you people supposed to be busy?

2. When a fresher told you how they paid the cab #200 from the main gate to auditorium

Dying Laughing Lol GIF by Desus & Mero

Ah, Did they put a gun against your head?

3. When you see a fresher who thinks Hall4LawBasement is one-stop

Image result for meme nairaland

Lmao. Could you be more obvious?

4. You, contemplating whether to stay or run after you heard an explosion

Scared Wendy Williams GIF by ADWEEK

But that sounded like a gunshot o. Will I look stupid if I run?

5. When you hear a loud bang in your hostel in Ekosodin and hope it’s not the transformer

nooooo GIF

Ha! So I won’t see light again until I leave this school

6. You, walking casually then you hear “Guy show”

Image result for usain bolt running

Not me and you.

7. When you avoid the road between hall 2 and hall 3 because of aro boys

GIF by Jasmine Masters

Jobless people.

8. When everyone suddenly remembers there are reading halls when it’s time for exams

Image result for Funke akindele memes

Look at them forming serious students.

9. When you’re reading at the faculty and the safest place to keep your phone is inside your underwear

oprah winfrey struggle GIF

I can’t tell stories that touch abeg.

10. When you buy meat pie at faculty and see boiled yam inside

Image result for Jide kosoko meme

What is this nonsense?

11. Your single ass watching all the couples at Nadia Bakery

Someone cannot even find food again in peace.

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