13 Things Medical Students Will Swear Are True

January 13, 2020

1. When you get your ‘age’ as grade in your first incourse

Confundido Pedro Infante GIF

17/100? Am I really that dumb?

2. When you’re still in 200 level and somebody has started calling themselves a doctor already

michael jordan lol GIF

Hehehe, you’re funny. You are very funny.

3. You, after 5 hours of trudging behind the doctor during ward rounds

Sorry Twd GIF by The Walking Dead

I’m going to fall down and die at any moment from now.

4. The horror when you’re asked a question you don’t have an answer to during ward rounds

Staring Bored To Death GIF

I swear, I know the answer. I just don’t remember it at the moment.

5. When you realise you can’t wear all the lit clothes you have most of the time because of the dress code

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You mean all this slay will go to waste?

6. When you clock that studying medicine and surgery means the only cool things you will attend are study groups and night classes

Yara Shahidi Ugh GIF by The Paley Center for Media

This can’t be my life now o.

7. You, when your friend won’t stop gushing about what they did during a break

Friend Loot GIF

Sorry, people still have fun these days?

8. When you realise that three different sets of students have caught up with you and graduated before you

New Girl Mistake GIF

Of all the things I could have studied, I chose this. I played myself.

9. You, on the first day of anatomy dissection

Sick Vomit GIF by New Amsterdam

As if my life wasn’t hard enough, now I’m cutting up dead bodies.

10. When your parents starts telling everyone you’re a ‘doctor’

Uh Oh Reaction GIF by Bounce

Plot twist: I get expelled from school.

11. When somebody you hardly talk to comes to you complaining of symptoms

The Good Wife No GIF by CBS All Access

Do I look like your doctor? If you don’t geddifok

12. When you realise that you still have to struggle to get house jobs after all the years you’ve spent in school

confused issa rae GIF by Insecure on HBO

Will this suffering ever end?

13. You, when someone teases you about the ‘millions’ you are earning

black kandi burruss GIF

Out with you and the lies you’re peddling.

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