The subject of this sex life is a 29-year-old man who likes having sex immediately he feels like it — no matter where. He talks about his first time masturbating, how his first relationship led him down a path of public sex and how random hookups make him feel unsatisfied with his sex life.  

Tell me about your first sexual experience

When I was 12 years old, I stumbled on a movie with plenty of nudity. The title was 40 days and 40 nights. While I watched it, I noticed something was happening to my penis. It was strange, interesting and a little exciting. I was experiencing my first erection. After that, I wanted to know all about what I had just felt. 

They gave us a book in our secondary school called “Questions Boys Ask”. It was written by some evangelist type people and the goal was to answer some frequently asked questions by boys concerning their body and sex. Some of the questions were about wet dreams, masturbation, etc. I was 11 when I first read it, but I felt a type of disconnect from what the book tried to explain. After my first erection, e enter. Although the book said we shouldn’t do any of the sexual things it contained, all I wanted to do was sexually stimulating things. 

That’s why later that year, I jerked off to some women in the newspaper at home. I tried soap, but it didn’t work, then I tried water and it still didn’t work. Eventually, I used pomade, and it felt so good. The erection was weird, but the feeling like I was about to burst from the orgasm felt weirder. It felt like I was about to pee. 

How did you feel about that? 

I liked it a lot. I stopped jerking off to women in the newspaper after two years of exploring. My classmates in secondary school introduced me to porn. I would borrow some to take home and watch when my parents weren’t around, but I eventually started buying my own. 

What changed? 

I broke someone’s CD, and they needed me to replace it, so I had to buy another one. I couldn’t do it in the area I lived in because I didn’t want anyone to recognise me. I trekked somewhere farther, looked for a film rental and bought it. Anxiety nearly killed me and that was the last time I entered the shop. 

I didn’t like buying from the same place twice, so I switched to buying from the men that sold CDs on wheelbarrows. They were in motion, and barely passed the same route — if they did, they wouldn’t remember me. 

They were selling porn to kids? 

I mean, it is what it is. My classmates talked about being sent to buy condoms and cigars all the time. The people selling these things never scolded the kids or anything. I don’t think they really cared. 

Did they ever send you to buy condoms? 

No o. I never actually bought a condom until after the first time I had sex. 

I didn’t use a condom. I was 18 and in university. It was also with my very first girlfriend. We were in love and adored each other’s body a lot. 

We were on a walk at around 11 p.m. one day, when we stopped by the side of the road to make out. One thing led to another, we moved to a heap of granite by an uncompleted building and had sex. 

It was my first time but definitely not hers. After we were done, she asked me if I was sure it was my first time because of how good it was. Apparently, all my porn watching was useful. 

So your first time having sex was public…

I think my first happening the way it did set me on a path. We started having a lot of sex in a lot of random places. 

I’m afraid to ask, but how random? 

We had sex everywhere. We had sex in a bush on the side of the road leading to my hostel, in one primary school, in campus, off-campus, in the bush, incomplete buildings… For me, sex wasn’t something I had to plan, plus my girlfriend was a very spontaneous person. Wherever the thing hold me, I go just run am.

I remember when we were worried we were having too much sex and decided to not have any at all. We went to read on campus, and she sat opposite me. She raised her gown up, and her pussy was just in my face. I had to do something about it, so we had sex in the hall. 

Weren’t you ever scared of getting caught? 

Not really. So there’s this place on our campus they called pre-degree hall. It shared a fence with a hostel and so people could see into the hall. That didn’t bother us honestly. It was a place we had sex commonly. 

One day, while I was giving her head, a security man tapped me and asked me what I was doing. I was confused and asked him if he couldn’t see what I was doing. He told us to leave the campus but we didn’t. We just went to the faculty of education which was an incomplete building at the time and had sex. Funny enough, days we’d go there to have sex, we’d meet other people having sex. We made it our sex spot on campus. 

Is it safe to say you got off on the thrill of getting caught? 

Yes and no. Sure the adrenaline rush was great, but I also just view sex as something you did when the feeling and urge came — no matter the place or time. 

My relationship with this babe lasted three years. From 2009 to 2012, there was a lot of sex happening, but eventually, I got served breakfast. She cheated on me with one guy she’s currently married to. After I got heartbroken, I didn’t feel the need to enter another relationship. I was just having sex and falling in and out of love. 

I have slept with about 50-60 women, and while I don’t think it’s as high as some people’s, it’s still a bit much. 

But was the sex good? 

How I determine good sex is how random it is and how good she sounds while we’re at it. If she’s a squirter, I’d never forget her. It’s just that it’s not as spontaneous as I’d like. 

How do you meet your partners? 

There are a lot of places to meet people you want to have sex with. For me, the bulk of them are acquaintances. We could be texting, and they’d just bring it up. They’d say things like, “It’s been a while since I had sex,” and I’d offer my services. Some are my close friends, and some women refer me to their friends. 

I don’t have the kind of access to them that a romantic partner does, so there’s a lot of planning I do. I have to reach out, check if times align and then plan a location. That’s too much planning just to have sex. 

In 2019 though, I fell in love and got into another relationship, but that ended in 2020 when I fell in love with someone else while also with her. 

How did your two relationships compare sex-wise? 

Sex with my first girlfriend was great, but while I had seen a lot of porn and we were having sex in a lot of places, she was my first and my experience was limited. 

The time between my first and my second girlfriend was a lot, and I had time to grow in the foki foki aspect of my life. I would like to think that sex with my second girlfriend was better, but only because I had improved sexually. 

At this time, how will you rate your sex life on a scale of 1-10?

7. I’m currently not having a lot of sex now, and I’d like for that to change. I really enjoy having “as e dey hot” sex and a steady partner is the way to ensure that. Since I don’t have one, it’s back to planning and execution. 



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