We’ve compiled 11 of our most popular food quizzes. So whether you want to show off your food knowledge or find out which food you are, this is the post for you.

1. Only Nigerian Fast-Food Lovers Will Get More Than 7/11

How well do you know Nigerian fast-food chains? Take the quiz.

2. Which Small Chops Snack Are You?

Are you the beloved chicken to the out-of-place gizzard? Take the quiz.

3. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Get 9/13 On This Candy Quiz

Do you have a sweet enough tooth for this candy trivia? Take the quiz.

4. What Yam Dish Are You?

Amala or pounded yam? Take the quiz.

5. Can You Identify These Snacks From Your Childhood?

How good is your memory? Take the quiz.

6. What Kind Of Cake Are You?

Chocolate or red velvet cake? Take the quiz.

7. Only True Junk Food Experts Can Get 9/13 On This Quiz

How well do you know your junk food? Take the quiz.

8. Can You Guess The Nigerian Food From Three Ingredients?

Come and defend your shokoyokoto rights. Take the quiz.

9. Only True Nigerians Can Get 8/10 On This Food Spelling Test

How well can you spell some of your favourite dishes? Take the quiz.

10. Which Nigerian Soup Are You?

Efo Riro or Egusi? Take the quiz.

11. How Well Do You Know These Popular Nigerian Snacks?

Let’s test your snack memory. Take the quiz.


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