We’re almost six months into the year, and Big Brother is yet to tell us when his new children will make an appearance on our screens.

No, that reunion announcement doesn’t count, because what do you mean it might be cancelled?

While we wait for the children of chaos to return, we decided to rank all the Big Brother Naija seasons so far.

Big Brother Naija Season 8: All-Stars


Big Brother saw that he was losing our attention and decided to call on all his badly behaved children from previous seasons. He found what he was looking for. 

The housemates fell in and out of love, Ilebaye fought all the housemates, Pere destroyed Biggie’s property, and Seyi dragged his reputation through the gutter. Congratulations to everyone involved. When are we doing that again?

Chaos Level: 10

They stressed us during the show, and they’re clearly still stressing us after, because where is our reunion?!

Big Brother Naija Season 5: Lockdown 

COVID-19 was out to get us. The government was unleashing curfews left, right, and centre. But in the midst of it all, Big Brother still prevailed. From love triangles to food-based relationship problems to the curve of a lifetime, we don’t know what we did to deserve it, but they served us entertainment.

Chaos Level: 9.5

Big Brother didn’t even have to instigate anything this season. They used their hands to dig holes for themselves and each other. 

We loved it.

Big Brother Naija Season 3: Double Wahala

Between Cee-C fighting everyone and their daddy in Biggie’s house and Nina’s “Miracle is my everything, my boyfriend is my boyfriend” chat, there’s nothing our eyes didn’t see during this BBN season. Big Brother opened his doors and let everyone come in and do as they pleased. We’re not complaining or anything, we’re just hoping the housemates that walk into his house next give us this energy.

Chaos Level

: 9

Biggie’s children are usually unwell, but these ones were as unhinged as they come, and we didn’t get a single moment of peace.

Big Brother Naija Season 4: Pepper Dem

Every season, Big Brother makes sure there’s at least one person in his house capable of causing optimum disaster. This season, the producers obviously miscalculated because everyone who walked into Biggie’s house came ready to show up and show out. And when they walked out of the house and onto the reunion set, they continued on their mission.

Chaos Level: 9

It’s been five years, and the housemates are still dragging drama that happened under Biggie’s roof. What does that tell you?

Big Brother Naija Season 2: See Gobbe

We know Big Brother is supposed to push you and your talents to greater heights, but the housemates from this season were just show-offs. They understood the art of multitasking and would belt out beautiful notes in the morning and cuss each other out at noon time. Someone show the new housemates this season so they can see how it’s done.

Chaos Level: 7

Big Brother Naija Season 6: Shine Ya Eye

Did they cause chaos and pandemonium in Biggie’s house? Yes, but sometimes it felt like they were forcing it because why are you fighting for respect because of your old age in Big Brother’s house of equal rights?

Chaos Level: 6

They weren’t that chaotic. They just couldn’t respect each other as human beings. Off the road!

Big Brother Naija Season 7: Level Up

We knew we were in for a confusing ride when they introduced the split houses. Then all the housemates started showing their true colours with their 20/7 relationship-based fights that didn’t make sense. Big Brother better make sure he comes correct this new season, or we’ll storm Ilupeju and bring him out for the world to see.

Chaos Level: 4. We don’t know if it was the division of the houses or the fact that the fights didn’t slap the way they should’ve, but this season wasn’t it.



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