It’s officially pride month and the gays are outside. If you and your dearly beloved are out there for some quality movie time, you’ll be glad to know that there are some Nollywood gems that tell stories of love, the power of community and acceptance.

And we made a list. 

“Hell or High Water”

This movie was released in 2016, two years after Nigeria’s Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act was enacted. Hell or High Water follows the life of a young, married, widely admired  pastor.  However, he’s soon forced to come to terms with his sexuality; a realisation that initially unsettled him. Hell or High Water exposes the issues of homophobia and societal stigma. Enyinna Nwigwe, Daniel K Daniel, Davies Adedayo, among others star in the movie.

“Walking with Shadows”

Released in 2019, this movie is an adaptation of Jude Dibia’s 2005 novel of the same name. 

The movie revolves around the life of gay protagonist Ebele Njoko. In his bid to seek love and familial acceptance, Ebele reinvents himself as Adrian. Everything plays out well for Adrian until a vengeful colleague outs him as gay. Adrian is forced to reveal his sexuality when his wife confronts him. After their divorce, Adrian finds comfort in the power of community when his gay friend offers a helping hand.

Directed by Aoife O’Kelly, Walking with Shadows features Ozzy Agu, Funiola Aofiyebi, Zainab Balogun, among others. 

“All The Colors of The World Are Between Black and White”

This movie should be on your radar if you’re looking for a queer romcom. 

Directed by Babatunde Apalawo,  it  tells the story of two young men, Bambino and Bawa, who become friends after first meeting at a photography competition. The two soon start to develop feelings for each other but they can’t fully express what they feel for each other due to the highly homophobic society. However, the lovebirds are undeterred as they find ways to navigate their feelings. The story shows the importance of love, acceptance and the beauty of human connections. It stars Tope Tedela, Riyo David, Uchechika Elumelu, among others.


This 2020 short was produced by LGBTQ rights advocates and filmmakers, Pamela Adie and Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim. It tells the love story of Ife and Adaora, two women who fall in love after an initial one-night date that extends to three days spent together. Ife highlights the challenges the experience of the ladies as queer lovers in Nigeria.

“Country Love”

Country Love follows the life of a young man, Kambili, who returns home after fifteen years and finds out that his memories of home have changed. The film explores the bond among siblings, love and sexuality, and their impact on queer people. Kelechi Michaels, Uzoamaka Onuoha and Divine Ahiwe.

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