MCM – Lynxxx, The Man, The Entrepreneur, The Musician

October 26, 2015

Chukie Edozien, better known by his stage name Lynxxx, is a Nigerian hip-hop recording artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur.

*And one of the hottest musicians in Nigeria.

Lynxxx made his debut as a recording artist in December 2009, with the release of his first official single, “Change your Parade”.

In December 2010 Lynxxx released his debut album This Is Lynxxx. The album features a combination of musical genres. Lynxxx calls this combination of different styles “Jollof Musik”.

Jollof Musik, Lynxxx says, is a term that refers to the art of blending various genres to make good music.

The same year his album was released, Lynxx became the first Nigerian artist to be endorsed by Pepsi.

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But asides from being an amazing musical artiste, Lynxxx is also an entrepreneur. He had established several successful businesses prior to his musical career.

Lynxxx’s other businesses include a clothing line called Syndik8 Denim, a digital recording studio called Red Room Studio, a media company called Happy Teddy Media (HTM), and Syndik8 Films.

He does have a degree in Business, Economics and Marketing from the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, afterall.

Arguably the best music video in 2012 came from Lynxxx. ‘Fine Lady’ featuring Wizkid and Jocelyn Dumas was a video worthy of replay.

Lynxxx is also – SURPRISE – a qualified web/graphic designer.

Man of many talents!

Now about his fashion. Style, says Lynxxx, is basically expressing how you feel inside and out.

He likes to go for the smart look. He will much rather portray the GQ look rather than the skinny jeans and sneakers look.

But his casual clothes game? 100%!

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Good Morning

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Ladies, Lynxxx!!!

Isn’t he hot though?

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