Mohbad’s Peace is one of the biggest songs in the country right now, but anyone following social media would know that the Afropop star’s name has been dominating online conversations for reasons far from peaceful. 

Here’s everything we know about the ongoing back and forth between Mohbad, his record label, Marlian Music and its leader, Naira Marley

February, 2022: NDLEA arrests and Mohbad’ allegations of Marlian Music being after hiss life

On February 24, 2022, operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) arrested Mohbad alongside his label mate, Zinoleesky after a midnight raid on their residence in Lagos. Giving reasons for the arrest, the NDLEA stated that they’d recovered “some quantities of molly and cannabis” from the six persons they’d arrested. 

24 hours after his arrest on Friday, 25, 2022, Mohbad was released from NDLEA custody and immediately went on Instagram live where he told over 20,000 viewers, “If I die like this, na Marlian Music and Naira Marley kill me,” among many other accusatory statements about his label hating on him and plotting to kill him. 

March, 2022: Naira Marley lets everyone know that all is well in Marlian HQ

Just five days after accusing his label and Naira Marley of trying to kill him, Mohbad was spotted in a video Naira Marley posted on March 2, 2022 with the caption, “As a marlian✌🏾👊🏾” 

The video also featured Zinoleesky and temporarily put the rumours about trouble in Marlian Music to rest. 

October, 2022: Tensions reach an all time high after Mohbad posts disturbing videos 

On October 5, 2022, the Twitter trend table went apeshit after Mohbad posted a video with him in a white singlet covered with bruises on his back, neck and hand. Not long after that, two other videos turned his tweet into a thread showing more bruises and the attack that caused them. 

The first video

The second video 

The final video showing the attack 

In his tweets, Mohbad revealed that he’d been allegedly attacked by Marlian Music after he requested to change his manager (Naira Marley’s brother), which didn’t go down well with the label. 

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Not long after Mohbad’s accusation, Marlian Music head, Naira Marley went on Instagram live to defend himself and the label, claiming that Mohbad had started the fight as a result of being intoxicated. He further explained that while he wasn’t present at the start of the fight, he’d done all he could to settle things between Mohbad and the other guys. 

Naira Marley also reiterated the intoxication accusation in a now deleted tweet where he said, “Mohbad has a history of getting intoxicated which affects his emotions and actions. #ImNotPerfect. However, all issues would be resolved amicably within the label.” 

Not long after Naira Marley’s live video, fellow artiste, Bella Shmurda tweeted in defence of Mohbad, stating that the Feel Good

singer was doing good before he got signed to Marlian Music. 

Responding to Naira Marley’s Instagram live, Mohbad in a series of tweets sent out that same day, went on to defend himself, sharing a medical condition he’s currently dealing with while accusing Naira Marley of lying about the whole issue. 

The tweet calling Naira Marley a liar

The tweet revealing he has emergency hypertension

Mohbad also explained that the label has always used his alleged intoxication as a way of burning his accusations against them. Something he predicted they’d do before Naira Marley went on Instagram live. 

In a final thread discussing the issue, Mohbad explained in detail that his attack had allegedly been coordinated by Naira Marley, his brother Tunde, and a couple of other members of the Marlian crew present at the meeting he had at Naira Marley’s place, to discuss changing his manager. 

Maintaining his sobriety during the attack, Mohbad ended his statement by revealing that, “Justice will soon be served.” 

It’s unclear the direction the case will take or if Mohbad will eventually take legal action. While label vs artist drama is nothing new, the violent nature of the drama between Mohbad and his label is a major cause for concern. 

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