A day will come in the life of most students when they’ll go and withdraw money and the ATM will read ‘insufficient funds’. That doesn’t have to be your portion.

First of all pack everything you can from your parents’ house whenever you go home.

Toothpaste, toilet roll, detergent, these things are cost in the market.

All those Uncles and Aunties that have been asking you so when will you enter school, call all of them.

I’m in school now o come and fund my life.

If the accomodation situation in your school is flexible don’t form ‘I like my personal space’. Better get yourself a roommate or two.

Anything you are buying for your room will be split between two or three people instead of just you.

Don’t finish your money eating in canteens, buy pots and a hot plate or camp gas and cook.

Do you know how long a pot of beans can last?

If you are in a Nigerian Federal Uni look out for your state’s annual bursary funds.

Some states give as much as 150k, better don’t dull it.

Sit down in your room on Friday nights, it’s not every weekend you must turn up.

Only go where you know the food and drinks will be free, you are still a student, please.

It’s not by force to buy every single book your lecturers say you should buy.

Buy only the most necessary books, if you aren’t sure what to buy ask people who were in that level just before you.

Even the necessary books you still don’t need to buy all of them. Check your school’s libraries for the books they have and just buy the one’s they don’t.

At least if you use in the library you’ll actually read it, instead of leaving it on your table to be gathering dust.

Do you really need to eat more than one meal a day? Especially that week before your pocket money enters your account.

Pata pata you only need to eat two. Uni isn’t the place to be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Anywhere you see their sharing free food you better enter and collect your own.

All those school talks and seminars where they’ll share food or small chops at the end sign up for all of them. Who are you forming for?

If you have a very high CGPA, first of all congrats. Second all hope you’ve applied for all the scholarships you can find in this Nigeria?

From scholarships sponsored by Shell or Chevron to the ones sponsored by Morning Fresh, apply for all of them.

If you can manage it, start a side hustle. It could be as simple as being a social media influencer or buying sunglasses from Balogun, packaging it and reselling.

Don’t start anything that won’t let you face your books o.

The last one is not for you but for your parents and guardians. Please dears go to class and read your books don’t waste the school fees they are paying.


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