Except for birthdays (and that’s if you actually remember), dads are like the sidekicks of the world that get only one day in a year to relish in their awesomeness. So don’t be a bum and forget to buy a Father’s Day gift this year. And rather than a last-minute text that reads like it’s addressed to someone you hate, here’s a list of gifts under ₦20k to get your dad.

Restored pride and joy

And it costs absolutely nothing. Fathers are always searching for pride and joy in their children. So you may as well find a way to wrap up all your achievements in a box and send it home. And if you don’t have any, borrow.

Love notes

Not every time “Love you, dad.” Give him his flowers and tell him exactly why you love him this year. He’ll still reply with “👍🏾”, but on the inside? He’ll be blushing dear.

A ring with your mother’s name on it

To remind him that your mother is the only woman he’s bound to for life. 

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A tattoo of his name

Preferably on your chest. Because what says I love you more than a tattoo of the man that gave you life.

A brunch date for two

When last did you offer your dad free food? All you do is go home to ransack his home every three market days. He too likes free food.

All his money

For all the extra books and classes you lied about paying for in school, at least put part of the money in an envelope and give your father back. Are you not tired of being a criminal?

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Your certificate

Even if you didn’t end up as the doctor he dreamed of, you need to remind him that you’re not a (total) failure. And you have a whole degree.


You better put that Fourth Street bottle down and move to the champagne section of the store. ₦15k for one day won’t kill you, hopefully.


A surprise pregnancy can never go wrong. He’ll be either shocked or entirely speechless. Either way, he’ll know you’re serious about keeping his legacy alive.

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