You’ll Understand This If You Cry All The Time

November 23, 2018
This is for all those who burst into tears because dodo has finished at the buka. Or because you forgot your charger at home. We are here to tell you that you are not mad and you are not alone.

You were one of those children who’ll start crying and rolling on the floor once you see cane.

They’ve not even told you that they want to beat you yet.

At least once a week something will make you go to your office toilet to cry.

If it’s not because your boss vexed you it’s because you read something sad on Twitter

This is you watching a movie like Maami or The Notebook.

When someone didn’t die in your house.

If your eyeliner and mascara isn’t waterproof then you can’t wear it out.

When you tried it this was you by the end of the day.

When you get upset at someone you can’t even explain well why you are upset because you are too busy crying.

Someone can’t even say something serious without getting disgraced.

When someone tells you that they haven’t cried in years.

Can’t relate because you cried that morning.

When you are crying and people keep telling you to stop crying as if you can put it off like tap.

It’s like you people think I just enjoy crying.

You are constantly explaining to people that it’s not as if you are overly sensitive you just can’t control your tear ducts.

It’s really not your fault.

When you are out with friends in public and something trivial is about to make you cry but you don’t want to disgrace them.

You’ve disgraced them too many times in the past.

Nobody can tell the difference between when you get good news and when you get bad news because you’ll cry either way.

Just got promoted? cry. Just lost your job? cry.

When someone makes the mistake of thinking you are weak just because you cry a lot.

Bitch you thought. Hold my tissue.

You know the kinds of songs and movies that make you cry, but will you avoid them? No

Are you not doing yourself?

If you see someone crying you too, you’ll start crying.

Someone you don’t know from anywhere o.

This is you trying to have an argument with someone without bursting into tears.

Must. Not. Cry. Today

You are forever lying about the real reason you are crying to people who don’t know you.

How will you explain that you are crying because you misplaced your earphones.

When you think that you can’t possibly cry anymore tears in a day but you were wrong.

It’s enough now.

You’ve discovered coded ways to cry without anyone finding out.

Why are you wearing sunglasses inside? It’s because I have apollo, I’m not crying.

When something happens and all your friends look at you waiting for you to cry.

And those tears will come.

At least your constantly leaking eyes has sha helped you get out of wahala with police before.

Police: Sister where is your licence

You: Starts crying

Police: Abeg just be going

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