These Are The Worst Things That Can Happen To You As A Nigerian

November 25, 2018
crying campus
Being a Nigerian is already pretty tough. But some things make it significantly tougher.

When you are on the queue to buy food at a Buka and the food finishes when it gets to your turn.

Who did you offend?

When there is fuel scarcity and that’s when the transformer on your street decided to blow.

Is it not your village people doing you.

When are you in the middle of cooking one fire indomie and you run out of gas.

Your indomie will now soak water.

When they finally bring light on your street after 6 months but there is still no light in your own house.

You already know it’ll take another 6 months for NEPA guys to come and fix your own.

Using iron to burn the front of the Aso-ebi you spent 50k on.

You had better wear it with your chest like that.

When you finish dressing up for an event then they cancel it.

After you’ve sprayed perfume. How can you be wasting perfume in this economy.

ATM swallowing your card after you’ve queued for an hour.

On a Friday. At 6 pm.

Someone using their car to splash rain water on your white shirt on a Monday morning.

Is it a crime to be trekking on the road?

Forgetting your phone or laptop in an unmarked taxi.

You’ll now start going from park to park telling your story.

When you spend one hour pricing something in the market only to find out after that the price you bought it is double the original price.

After all your gra gra they still gba’d you.

When you are in Lagos traffic and your stomach starts saying one or two things.

That’s why you always have to keep Imodium in your car.

When you tell your Uber to pass a shortcut and next thing your map says there’s three hour traffic there.

You set yourself up.

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