7 Nigerians Get Brutally Honest About Condoms

July 22, 2020

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about STIs (and birth control wouldn’t be so complicated). Unfortunately, our world isn’t ideal, and this makes condoms pretty damn essential.

We’ve all seen enough PSAs to know just how important they are, but humans rarely do what’s best for them. So, we decided to ask a bunch of Nigerians to share how often they really use condoms.

David, 26/Male/Straight

Condoms suck. They just take away from the overall pleasure of sex. They make the vagina feel less wet, less soft and less warm. It’s literally insulating your dick from enjoying the vaginaness of the vagina.

Also, I rarely orgasm when I use condoms. I have to go on for much longer for it to happen — about 3 to 4 times longer than without one. Sure, it increases my stamina, but I’m barely enjoying the sex.

Honestly, I don’t use condoms as often as I know I should. If it’s a one-time hookup, then sure, but if it’s a consistent thing, then nope. I discuss it with my partners, and we usually just agree to risk it.

Sandra, 27/Female/Bisexual

I don’t hate condoms, but if I only had to worry about getting pregnant, not contracting STIs, I would never use them. Depending on the type, they don’t affect my enjoyment of sex too much, but it’s still not the same. 

I can even manage male condoms, especially thin ones, but female condoms mean zero enjoyment for me. It’s odd because my partner actually enjoyed them — everything is really made for the pleasure of men.

I’m currently not using condoms as much because my main guy isn’t a fan. It’s risky, I know, but we do regular checks. I always use condoms with my side pieces though. If they don’t want, I bounce.

Ebi, 30/Male/Gay

When I started having sex, I was very serious about always using protection. Since I only sleep with men, I’ve never had to worry about getting anyone pregnant. My main fear has always been contracting an STI.

I was very religious about it for years, so it’s a little funny that the first time I decided to go without it, I contracted HIV. I mean, it’s funny in retrospect, but I remember crying about the unfairness of it for many months. 

Now, I never have sex without one, even though I take my drugs and my viral load is undetectable. That being said, the one I time I did have sex raw was much more enjoyable than all the times I’ve used a condom. 

Rinmade, 27/Female/Straight

I’m all for condoms, but certain types dry me out or irritate me, so I’m very picky. That’s why it kills me whenever I tell a guy that I only fuck with Skyn and he shows up with Durex. I just know he is not a serious person.

I always insist on using condoms, but there have been a few times that I just couldn’t be bothered. I don’t use birth control, so I even use condoms in relationships. The pill messes me up hormonally, so it’s not even an option. 

Charles, 27/Male/Straight

I’ve never enjoyed sex with a condom, but I use them occasionally, especially if the babe insists. I’ve actually gotten someone pregnant before, so you’d think I’d be a bigger condom advocate, but they’re just the worst.

Condoms also make me anxious. Whenever I have to put one on, I start worrying about losing my erection, which happens often. The entire process of bringing it out and struggling to open the pack is just so unsexy.

I do get tested a lot though. Most of the babes I’ve slept with recently actually insisted. In my experience, women hate condoms even more than men, so they all wanted to be sure it was fine for us to fuck without them. 

Ada, 24/Female/Straight

Condoms are stress. I consider them to be a necessary evil, but they dry me out so fast. Thankfully, I’m a 2-minute girl, so they don’t really interfere with my orgasms, even though they do reduce the enjoyment by like 20%.

I’m generally monogamous, so using condoms depends on how much I trust my partner. The default is to use condoms until we’ve both taken tests and I’m sure that I’m the only person they are sleeping with at the time.

Chibuzor, 25/Male/Straight

I fucking hate condoms. Whenever I use them, I don’t feel like I’m actually having sex. I have never had an orgasm while using a condom. Granted, I’ve only ever used a condom 4 times in total (and I’ve had sex a lot).

Those 4 times were one-night stands, so I had to. For the women I sleep with regularly, I never use condoms, and they never ask. I don’t know why, but I just don’t worry about STIs or pregnancies. I’m just trying to enjoy my life.


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