1. When you haven’t even finished your graduation ceremony but your mother is already looking at you somehow.

I literally just finished!

2. How Nigerians see you when your above 24 and female…and unmarried.


3. When one person actually asks why you’re not married yet.


4. Everyday you log on to Facebook and someone from your secondary school is getting married.

Is it everyday?!

5. When your married friends start telling you “God will do your own”.

Did I ask you?

6. When someone is getting married and their aso ebi is 100k.

Will the souvenir be gold?

7. When someone tries to involve you in their elaborate proposal plans.

I no dey do!

8. When someone tries to insult you with “Go and Marry”.

Try again.

9. When your relatives start talking to your mother about your “condition”.

You will not mind your business now.

10. When you hear that people go to weddings to find marriage prospects.


11. But you’re just always there for the food.

Plis don’t skip my table.

12. How people imagine you feel because you’re single.

Is that so?!

13. How you actually feel.

Does my crown bother you?

14. When everyone around you starts trying to set you up.

No! No!

15. When your parents ask what are your marriage plans.

I don’t understand the question.


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