He might have an accent because he just came back from the overseas where he lost any form of home training he might have once had

If you are wearing a bandana or durag over your head then you must be wayward

Having dreadlocks or braiding your hair is also a sign that you lack home training

If you are a smoker there’s no redemption for you, you’ve sold your soul to the devil

You and your friends only hang out in uncompleted buildings

You don’t have to carry a gun if you are sagging your trousers you must be an armed robber

You can’t wear dark sunglasses indoors if you do you are a cultist

If you pierce your ears you can never be a child of God

If you wear your cap to the front your parents raised you right but if you were it to the side you are a drug addict

If you wear any kind of jewellery on your neck you must be doing 419


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