1. It’s hair day and you’re happy because you finally found the special one that understands your head.

Please never leave me. I love you.

2. And you know your salon is popping because there are pictures of Vivica Fox, Rihanna AND Beyonce on their poster


3. When you realize you have to clear your schedule because it’s going to be an all day affair.


4. When you get to the salon and everyone there is your hairdresser’s customer.

I’m not sure I understand.

5. But your hairdresser continues telling you “I will soon be done”.

Stop lying to me please.

6. When the bad hairdresser tell you to come over because she’s free.

Not today, Satan.

7. When your hairdresser tells you to let her trainee ‘start’ your hair.

Don’t touch me.

8. When you haven’t even been in the salon 2 seconds and they’re already telling you to relax your natural hair.

I said no.

9. When it’s finally your turn and they spend about 10 minutes examining your hair and complaining about it.

You will sha still make it.

10. When you want to braid your hair and they plop your hair down between their sweaty legs.

Oh the smell…

11. When you tell them the style you want, but the hairdresser says it won’t fit you.

And you trust her so…

12. When they start combing your hair as if you’re not a human that feels pain.

In the name of God…

13. When you ask for a trim and the lady takes 3 inches off your hair.

Because “you needed it”.

14. When your hairdresser decides to take a lunch break midway through your hair.


15. You trying to understand all the gossip flying around.

I can’t keep up!

16. When there’s a fight among the hairdressers and yours is winning.

I always knew you were the best.

17. When you hear the price for your hair.

Nope. Cannot afford that.


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