1. When you finally see your name on that graduation list.


2. You, thinking about how you’ll make Nigeria a better place.

All of us went through this.

3. The look of determination on your face, when you still think your 5 year plan will actually take 5 years.

Haha. HAHA!

4. And you’ve told yourself that the least salary you can take is N120,000

I know my value.

5. When your uncle tells you not to worry, that he has a job for you.

This struggle life is not for me.

6. When people talk about how hard life after school is.

Not my portion.

But allovasudden…

7. Your parents stop your pocket money and you have to survive on NYSC’s 19,800.

What is happening?

8. When you find something to make you happy as a young Nigerian. Life:

It’s a constant struggle.

9. When you have the results, but not the connections.

Epp me.

10. When you apply for a job and you’re finally called for an interview.

I’ve been through a lot!

11. And that minimum of N120,000 salary becomes:

Just let me work.

12. Your uncle that promised you a job:

But I thought…

13. When your parents ask you “So what are your plans now?”.

Are you not seeing what Nigeria is doing to me?

14. You wishing you studied Medicine or did a 5 year course so you could’ve stayed in school a bit longer.

This life!

15. When someone asks you about life after school.


16. When you see someone that has an extra year and is still in school.

You are doing the right thing bruh!

17. When your sibling is about to graduate from University too.



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