On behalf of all the Urhobo people in Nigeria, I’d like to make an appeal to our fellow Nigerians. For the love of God, stop telling us these things.

Please please stop.

“So you are Urhobo? I had a friend in primary two who was Urhobo, his name was Akpos.”

So what am I supposed to do with this information?

“You are Urhobo? Oghene-what is your name?”

Not all Urhobo names have Oghene in it please.

“Niger-Delta abi? You people are enjoying the oil money o.”

Yes, this is what we are enjoying.

“Your pidgin must be fire.”

Yes it is, but I refused to be stereotyped.

“Are you from Warri?”

It’s like you people think Warri is the only town in Delta state sha.

“Oya say something in that your funny language.”

Don’t let me catch you on the streets. Ekpa.

“Please what’s the difference between you and Igbo people?”

Please don’t ask me stupid questions, go and ask your secondary school geography teacher.

“Urhobo? Abeg which one is that again? Tribes too plenty for this Nigeria.”

It’s like stupid people are plenty too.

“Ah so you people are the ones who gave us Goodluck Jonathan abi?”

He’s from Bayelsa and no we are not all the same. Evwe.

“Why do you people always have strange and long names?”

You name is ‘Powermustchangehands’ but you are here talking. Orhue.

“Please where is Delta again?”

You didn’t go to school abi?

“Shebi you know how to make Banga, when will you make for me”

Yes, I can and no I won’t because you clearly don’t deserve it.

“It’s you people that eat the starch meant for clothes abi?”

Just look at how you are displaying your ignorance shamelessly.

“You people are militants”

Yes now, every one of us in the whole of Delta, we are all militants.

“Urhobo wayooooo, areaaaaaa”

Say that one more time.

“Oya tell me a joke, shebi all of you are comedians”

Akpororo can you see what you’ve caused?

Are you from a minority tribe? What stereotypes are you sick and tired of hearing from other Nigerians?


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