This was how I was staring out the bus when I arrived; everything was strange and I was trying to absorb all details all at once as my cousin pointed out places to me.

Is this really the  Lagos?

When I arrived, I had to fight the urge of starting everything I wrote especially tweets with “in this Lagos”. It was on my lips, I found everything contrasting and different and I was so amazed at how unbothered Lagosians are.

It was like watching one of those American movies shot in LA.

I used to tell myself I can’t live in Lagos. That I won’t cope blah blah blah. Well, I am here working hard on the coping thing.

Proud of myself

After small Lagos breeze blew me I didn’t want to leave again. Now I understand why my Lagos friends say “I can’t live anywhere else”.

I’m never going to leave

This was my face when I found out that “under bridge” and “along” at “Ikeja” is not along anywhere or under any bridge.

How many bus stops can even be in one location?

I hadn’t even spent 24 hours in Lagos before I got duped. I can’t even blame the conductor that stole my change when there was JJC written all over my face.

Never again

The first time I tried to head out alone, I confidently went to take the wrong bus, in a matter of seconds I was headed for Yaba thinking I was going to Shoprite Ikeja.

I’ve never been more confused in my life

Lagos is just different sha. You can’t get a direct bus anywhere. Common VI I had to take 4 different buses with plenty “just cross to that bridge and ask when you get there”.

So much stress.

Then the werey bus conductors and drivers. Jesus! They’ll kill someone one day.

It’s only God that’s protecting me.

Don’t get me started on Lagos traffic and the wahala Lagos imposes on you.

You’ll just be looking like kileleyibayi.

This is how I clutch my purse tightly when I am on the streets.

Let’s avoid stories that touch please.

Every day you set out in Lagos and return safely you thank goodness for not letting your purse get snatched, not allowing the reckless drivers knock you down or throw you off and getting paid from your hustle.

Still can’t help but love Lagos though. This post was made by Ibukun @Vennypoppin Samuel. You should holler at her now now now now. For the culture!


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