1. When your relatives give you money and your parents collect it from you immediately.

Wow, no chill at all.

2. And when you ask for it, you’re ungrateful because “All the food you’ve been eating here nko”.

I didn’t even know I had to pay for food, but okay!

3. When they say “Tell me the truth, I won’t get angry” and then proceed to start shouting.

I thought we had a deal!

4. When you tell your mum you’re in love and she calls a family meeting.

I’m not even here.

5. And these are your parents every Valentine’s day till you’re 21.

But they want you to marry o!

6. According to them, every bad thing that happens to you is because you’re always pressing your phone.


7. When you say you want to visit your friends and they proceed to almost ruin that friendship by asking “How many times have they visited you?”

Thanks for that.

8. When they miss no chance to compare you to your ‘better behaved’ friend.

“Just look at how polite Mrs. A’s son is…and you you will be shouting like a conductor”.

9. When you tell them you want to study Theatre Arts and they just breakdown because you have disgraced the family.

You want all my hard work to be in vain?

10. When you make the mistake of enjoying yourself after failing an exam.

“Is this how you want to live your life?”

11. When you’re rude to your mom and she starts reporting you to everybody.

I’m so very sorry. Please.

12. When you ask for a little freedom and they start giving you examples of people who had freedom and are now misbehaving in society.

Okay! Okay! I’ll stay inside.

13. How they look at you when you bring your friend that is smarter than you home.

So do you people want to give me away now?

14. When visitors come to the house and your mom has downloaded your progress to them in less than five minutes.

WYD, ma?

15. When you’re gisting with your dad and he suddenly turns the joke into a lecture.

Every damn time!

16. When you’re sick or sad, but your mom tells you that the pot won’t wash itself.


17. When you wear ripped or distressed clothes and attempt to leave the house.

What were you thinking?

Because our parents have #ZeroTolerance, best to have Orijin Zero to step down.

At least they can’t complain that it has alcohol…


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