Nigerians who hate their jobs

The average Nigerian has been there at some point – working a job they don’t feel strongly about because of a myriad of reasons. This can be a really dark thing, but it’s something to also laugh out, especially if you’re out of such a job.

1. When your alarm goes off in the morning and the first thing that comes to your mind is if you really need the job

In Bed GIF by memecandy

Well, I know I need the money.

2. One hour after and you’re still in bed thinking if you should get to work late

Chris Brown GIF

Maybe they will fire me if I go late today

3. You, remembering how excited you were to start the job

I Was Stupid Starz GIF by Power

Ah, life comes at you fast.

4. When you get to work and realise an inferno hasn’t consumed the building yet

kai greene page GIF

Oh God, why didn’t you send down the fire we agreed on.

5. When the first person you meet is your boss and you have to put your fake ‘I’m happy to be here’ face on

not feeling it nicki minaj GIF

Please, fire me.

6. When you see your co-workers working their asses off

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Look at all these bunches of losers.

7. You, hiding out in the toilet considering if you have other career options

liza koshy toilet GIF by AwesomenessTV

I hear the weed business is lucrative.

8. You, typing and deleting your resignation letter draft

Sad Nicole Beharie GIF

My problems will be over if I could just hit send.

9. You, when you see a co-worker coming to you with more work stuff

Come On Wtf GIF

Are you mad?

10. When you’ve been working for 8 hours but the clock just struck 10 AM

Typing GIF

What is this witchcraft?

11. When it’s finally time to go home at the end of a day

Octavia Spencer Ma GIF by #MAmovie

Could a car just hit me on my way home so I won’t come back here tomorrow?

12. When you’ve been working for 80 days and it’s finally Friday

happy lonely boy GIF

13. When you get back to work on Monday and someone asks you how you are doing

excuse me judging you GIF

But what’s your own?

14. When you finally quit the job

seth rollins goodbye GIF

The smell of freedom. Bye bitches.


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