Online shopping came with a promise to make the shopping experience better and seamless. For the most part, it’s been delivering on this promise, but with the thrills came the griefs.

1. When you randomly search for an item online and you start getting ads after

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But why are you spying on me?

2. What your browser looks like after hours of window shopping

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This is what we broke people do to have fun

3. When you see something you like but can’t afford

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Get this thing out of my sight.

4. You, when you get an email from an online store informing you about a discount

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This is actually a good deal

5. You, convincing yourself that you actually need the item

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I need something new in my closet even though I haven’t worn half of what’s there.

6. When you want to buy something from a foreign online store and they don’t offer free shipping

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Why are you people so cruel?

7. When you realise that you still have to pay for customs duty

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Luxury goods? I hate this country!!!

8. How you look at local stores that don’t have the pay on delivery option

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You people are not ready for business.

9. When the store says you will get your order in eight working days, but two weeks have passed

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Is this how I get scammed?

10. When you finally receive your package but something is wrong with it

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You can never trust Nigerians for anything.

11. You, promising yourself never to buy anything online again

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It’s not me you people will kill.

12. You, when the next promotion email promising you another discount comes in 

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My people. My people.



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