1. When you tell someone you love Nigerian movies and they disapprove.

Sorry oh, I didn’t know your were foreign.

2. When someone criticizes Nigerian movies.

What do you know?

3. You and iRokoTV.

My love.

4. When people are eager to see Game of Thrones but you just want to see what all the AfMags have to offer.

To each their own biko.

5. When you see a ghost making a phone call in a Nigerian movie.

I wouldn’t expect it to be any other way.

6. When someone likes the movie you recommended to them.

You don’t even know!

7. When a Nigerian movie is showing at the cinema.

Take all my money!

8. When the person you love doesn’t share your love of Nollywood.

Who are you?!

9. Waiting for work to be over so that you can get home to African Magic.

I kent wait.

10. hen those you live with want to watch any other channel other than AfMag.

I don’t deserve this.

11. You and your mum to the rest of the family:

I got it from my Mama!


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