If you are a Lagosian, chances are that this morning was hell. Well, unless you own a car or can afford Uber and Bolt. For the rest of us, we experienced one or more of the emotions on the list below.


The first emotion I felt immediately I woke up this morning was annoyance. What sort of Government decides to leave us stranded overnight?

Lagosian post incredible hulk


I was weak when I saw the crowd of people struggling for the limited means of transportation today. Is it a crime to be a Lagosian or even Nigerian?

tired Lagosian


God, please blow the trumpet.

Robert Baratheon Lagosian


What is going to happen to all these people who are out of a job, are they going to turn on us who are still struggling to earn a living?

A crippling urge to go naked and curse the Government:

My return trip home after work will determine whether this will still happen or not. Till then, stay tuned.

Funke Akindele Nigerian actress used in Lagosian post


Lyrics to your favorite song slaps differently when it mirrors your current situation. I discovered previously unheard chords on my trekking playlist today. I really am walking away from the troubles in my life.


Seeing older, feeble citizens struggling for buses with the younger generation makes you realize that this country doesn’t care for you along the age spectrum. From young to old, we are all equally fucked.

blackish star used in Lagosian post Zikoko


Some ITK’s will say this not an emotion. Describe the urge to fight and push people in your path to get a bus. If you find a better term, I am open to listening. You can reach me in ratatata land for any objections.


Wetin be this pls. Why am I experiencing this?


This country is trying to kill me and I must start to seek ways of escaping. The plan is to save money from trekking and divert it to writing IELTS. Lagos, Nigeria, e go be.


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