Lagos State

“Traffic go wan kill you”

“₦‎400k is not enough”

“Ikorodu is not one of us”

“The ‘s’ at the end is for suffering”

Borno State

“Hotter than the sun”

Ogun State

“Just imagine Lagos had a poorer younger brother”

“Talent is surplus”


“We’re the powers and principalities in your life”

“Better than Lagos”

“Poverty die die die”

Abia State

“Don’t blame us, blame our governors”

Rivers State

“The oil money is invisible”

Anambra State

“Haters will say we don’t have billionaires in Nnewi”

Plateau State

“Experience abroad weather for half the price”

Delta State

“We used to have oil money, but haters will call it past glory”

Bayelsa State

“Come correct with your canoe, or don’t come at all”

Kano State

“At least we have Dangote”

“It’s like Lagos but without the traffic”

Kogi State

“If Nigeria itself was a state”

“For jazz, juju, and country”

Ekiti State

“You will like pounded yam”

Taraba State

“Yes, we’re actually a real place”

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