Introverts don’t need a plethora of things to live their best lives. Mostly, their version of a quality life includes the following:

1. When everyone goes out and you have the whole house to yourself

Because being cooped up inside a house with people is even worse than being outside.

2. And the only sound you hear is your voice

So soothing!

3. When you have fast internet and Netflix subscription

The only friends you truly need

4. When your YouTube homepage is filled with lit videos

Algorithm be doing better than most humans, tbh.

5. When you’re around people and they don’t involve you in their conversation


6. When people have a soft spot for you because they think you’re quiet

Haha, I’ve successfully fooled you too.

7. When people think you know nothing but you have all their gist

Who do you think I am? Jon Snow?

8. When you pick up your phone and no one has tried to call you

Thank you, God.


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