Adulting gulps a shitload of money, so it’s always refreshing when money, or the lack of it, is not a source of worry, even if this feeling lasts for a short while. This happens in different ways, so this we thought to do something around these beautiful experiences.

1. When you dip your hand into a corner of your pocket or bag and find a crumpled note or two there

This feeling is very underrated, to be honest.

2. When you go shopping and you find out that the price of what you want to buy is lesser than your original budget

So, you get to save more. What could possibly beat that?

3. When your onigbese actually pays you on time

I mean, no one likes stress, especially when it’s about their money.

4. When you complain of being broke to your friend and they send you money

These kind of friends >>>>

5. Or when you want to pay back the money you owe them and they ask you to forget it

*Tears of joy.

6. When your bank debits you but you still have enough “change” to withdraw from the account

I’m bigger than y’all.

7. When your employer pays your salary one or two days earlier than usual

This hits deeply when payday for the month is a Saturday but you get your money on Friday.

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