Imagine hopping on a plane and arriving in a foreign country alone. The only familiar face you’ll see will most likely be yours. It may be daunting, but if you prepare well and leave Nigeria with all the items on our list, you’ll be fine.

A credible form of ID

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We know you’re an adult and won’t forget your travel documents and ID, but this is your reminder to double and triple-check that you’re actually with it before you board that plane. Just in case you still somehow forget, as long as you booked your flight with Tramango and opted for their travel insurance, you’re good. They treat their customers like egg and will be there for you 24/7.

Travel insurance

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You can never tell what’ll happen before or during your trip. Your flight might get cancelled due to weather conditions. You might lose your passport, fall sick or lose your baggage in a foreign country. That’s where travel insurance comes in. You’ll get support, coverage and some refund if you experience any of that. Who better to help you with your travel insurance than Tramango?


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It might be a cashless society but don’t forget you’re going to a country you’ve probably never been to before. You don’t know what might happen there, so take as much cash (that wouldn’t look suspicious) as you can so you don’t end up stranded in an unfamiliar country. 


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While Tramango ensures your flight is as seamless and safe as possible, you’ll need to protect your privacy and safety once you arrive at your destination. Make sure you pack locks for everything from your bags to extra locks for less high-end hotel room doors. If it can be locked, lock it and hold on to the key.

Power bank

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We’re not saying the country you’re going to will have an epileptic power supply like a particular country whose name begins with an “N”. All we’re saying is it’s better to be safe than stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone and no one to turn to.

A tour guide

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You can request one before you get to the country you’re visiting. They’ll make your stay much easier, and you won’t end up wandering about with no aim. You also get someone who’ll take (hopefully) Instagram-worthy pictures of your adventures. While Tramango makes your travels seamless and convenient, your tour guide will make your stay fun.

Pepper spray

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Honestly, anything that’ll hurt in direct contact with the eyes will work. You just need to be able to protect yourself from anything mon foreign soil.



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