19 Times The #SingleToStupor Trend Was Too Real For Nigerian Singles

September 19, 2015

Arguably one of the most difficult things to be in Nigeria is single. Asides from the fact that when you’re single, you start to notice every happy couple – even the unhappy ones look happy – around you;

People will NOT stop asking these weird questions about your relationship status.

The #SingleToStupor went viral on Nigerian twitter and, as you may expect, the tweets were equal parts funny and true. Here are the best ones that correctly capture what it’s like to be single in Nigeria:

1. When your first text in a day comes from your network provider

2. When you don’t even pretend to be choosy about partners anymore

3. When your call log only has your family – not even friends – on it

4. When you are secretly excited by others’ break ups

5. When you are in no hurry to charge your phone. Ever.

6. When you’re tired of explaining your status so now you have a bae. But he has travelled.

7. When you’ve been single for so long. What is a relationship?

8. When your playlist is full of songs that glorify being alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

9. Avoiding the Gym because too many couples. Please let me be fat alone.

10. When you have to reassure yourself that you’re not ugly.

11. When you seriously hate romantic songs now

12. LMAO! Even Siri curves you

13. When you forget sometimes that you are single. Then you remember.

14. When you seriously need a boy/girlfriend. Urgently

15. When your money is solely spent on yourself. No one else.

16. When you cannot go on double dates, because no date.

17. When you feel even worse when no one agrees that you’re single. Oshey phantom boyfriend.


18. People compliment you everyday, but still Single. -__-

19. When your reason for being single is work. But you know you’re not that busy.

The trend is still ongoing, sooo join in maybe? But the most important thing to you should be your happiness. Put that first and you will be alright because,

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