1. When you check your posting and it’s a place you’ve never heard of.

What the hell, NYSC?!

2. Then you tell your friends you’re not going…but you know you’re going.

*cries in limited options*

3. But when they post you to the state of your choice, without you working it.

You be resuming camp like.

4. Then people tell you that this will be the best experience of your life.

You bloody liars!

5. When you get to camp and it’s time to line up to register.

Jesus, chill!

6. And you have to fill a million forms before you get that room.

Is it not just bed?

7. When you have your first glimpse of the camp toilet.

Hold me, Jesus!

8. Then you realize it’s time to stock up on black nylons.

This is what it has come to?

9. When the only socket in the room is close to your bunk in camp so you don’t have to pay for charging.

King of the zanga!

10. When you taste official camp food for the first time.

Oh what fresh hell is this?!

11. Then you decide it’s mami market for the next three weeks.

I cannot come and die.

12. When the horn sounds for you to wake up. At 4am.

I only slept like 4 hours ago!!!

13. When someone tries to guilt you for not joining camp activities.

Is it your concern?!

14. When that first allowee arrives for you inside camp.

Turn up!

15. When you compare your before and after camp pictures.

This is not me.

16. When you realize that none of the advice you received before camp was relevant

Awon advisers.

17. When you realize that your uniform is the most unflattering garment you’d ever wear.

LMAO! This post is dedicated to the new batch of NYSC students. Corpers Wee!!


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