With everyone in isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have had to find ways to stay in touch and entertain themselves. One app that Nigerians seem to have flocked to is HouseParty, a video-calling social network.

So, we created a listicle that every Nigerian on it can relate to.

1. When you saw everyone and their grandma talking about HouseParty.

Which one is that again?

2. You, struggling to understand the app after downloading it:

I’m too old for this shit.

3. You, after accidentally calling someone:

Do I have to have a conversation now?

4. When a complete stranger sends you a request.

Please, be going.

5. When a call just comes in without any warning.

Which kind of intrusive nonsense is this?

6. You, trying to answer the very white trivia questions:

Gombe state 100 computers

What is this caucasity?

7. When you open the app and everyone is in locked rooms.

See all these ashewos.

8. You and your friends, when a random person enters your chat.

Who is this one?

9. Your phone, as the notifications keep coming in:

Can this app calm down?

10. When you see how much data the app has eaten.

Nigeria generator ban


11. When someone says they’ve known about the app since.

Clap for yourself now.

12. You, waiting for your available friend to call first:

I’m too proud.

13. How the app sucks your battery:

Take it easy now.


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