For people who were raised by overprotective parents, it was almost impossible to catch a break. If this was you, we hope this post won’t trigger you.

1. You, practising a speech before you tell them you want to visit a friend

grass to grace workers

“I love you, and I know you love me too. Please let me go out before I kill myself.”

2. How they react when you finally tell them

This house is not big enough for you to play in?

3. Or worse, when you tell them that a friend wants to visit you

Do they not have their own house?

4. When they finally let you out with clear instructions that you return before 4 PM

Little wins.

5. When you check your phone and find 30 missed calls notifications from your mum

Heh, I’m in danger.

6. When they call your friends, their parents, and your school every time they couldn’t reach you

What’s all this for God’s sake?

7. When a friend from the opposite gender asks to visit you

We don’t do that here.Don’t put me in trouble, abeg.

8. You, when you catch them eavesdropping on your phone conversations

Do you mind?

9. When they try to convince you that you can talk to them about anything

So, you can use it against me later, abi?

10. You, when they send you to your room as punishment

Are you people really my parents?

11. How they look at you when you try to rebel

Look at this child oh.

12. When you grow older and they’re like they did everything because they love you

Anthony Joshua with medals Zikoko

A round of applause. Take your medals.



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