Are you a twin in Nigeria? Chances are that you have heard so many things that you just want people to stop talking.

Here’s a list of things you are probably tired of hearing.

1) “You aren’t identical so you aren’t really twins.”

Sorry ohh.

2) “Kehinde sent Taiwo to see the world.”

Pls stop.

3) “Who is more stubborn?”


4) “Can you read each other’s mind?”


5) “If you fall sick does your twin also fall sick?”


6) “You people should thank Mary Slessor.”


7) “Will you marry on the same day?”

How should we know?

8) “I want to be a twin too.”

Okay ohhh.

9) “Do you people wear the same cloth?”


10) “Kehinde is the senior.”

“Explain your thinking, if any.”

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