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Fuad November 23rd

A Day In Saint Louis

Saint Louis in has two things in abundance; sunshine and Thieb. The colonial architecture reminds you of Goree Island, but at city scale. Everywhere you turn, there are doors that are decades old, walls that are even older, and tiny kids running around them. This city used to be the seat of the colonial government. […]
Fuad November 22nd

We’re In The Endgame Now

“Is it Monday or Tuesday,” Tosin asked on this fine Thursday morning as we packed to hit the road again. “What day is it?” When you’re on the road long enough, your days change from Monday-Tuesday to we-move-day. I’m writing this as we head out of Dakar, the city we’ve stayed the longest in the […]
Toketemu November 21st

No One Knows What Senegalese Twists Are In Senegal

When we were mapping out the itinerary for this trip, I added two things last minute that I thought would be fun to try.’ Ghana Weaving’ in Ghana and ‘Senegalese Twists’ in Senegal. I grew up hearing Ghana weaving being referred to as such. Senegalese twists, on the other hand, was a name I became […]
Fuad November 19th

These Are The Times This Whole Thing Almost Went South

Planning for this trip started early this year; from researching to making a list of everything that could potentially go wrong, and trying to figure out the fixes around them. “I’d rather use public transport,” I said some time ago at the office, “you get to see people in their element.” “But what about all […]
Fuad November 15th

I’ve Never Seen A City Like Dakar

It’s Day 55 and having touched down in 10 countries, I like to think I have a ‘first impressions’ sense of most of these countries. Take Ghana, for example, you can depend on the people of Accra to be super chill. R2Bees’ vibe song properly defines the Ghana vibe. And if Ghana feels chill, leaving […]
Toketemu November 14th

I Got Sexually Assaulted In Dakar

Today’s journal was supposed to be about many things. It was supposed to be about running into fellow travellers and creating new adventures with them. Wading in a pink lake and finding Fura de Nunu. Instead, it’s about how I got sexually assaulted by a taxi driver, his singular act eclipsing the rest of my […]
Fuad November 13th

We Finally Ran Into Two Road Mongers

It starts with a tweet. Aina has been travelling with Azeem through West Africa. Captain is beasting Black to Dakar when I get a text. “You just passed me.” Aina and Azeem are returning from a Safari a few hours from Dakar in a chartered car, and we sped past them without even knowing. “We’re […]

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