Edo babes are the most beautiful women in the world argue with your big toe. Here are a few things you should know about them.

edo bride
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1. Edo ≠ Benin

First things first, Edo state is not Benin City. Edo state is made up of other tribes aside from Benin, like Esan, Estako, Akoko-Edo and many others. So before you approach an Edo babe, know this if you don’t want to be on her bad side. 

2. They are so beautiful 

You think you’ve seen beauty before, but the beauty of an Edo babe is a discovery. Look at Osas Ighodaro or is it Adesuwa Etomi-Wellington? Can you see the material?

3. They know when you cheat 

Don’t ask me how. They just know and they are quite skilled at revenge so play with them at your own risk. Ayelala is on their side. Also, first to do no dey pain because they’ll definitely do their own back. 

4. They have hot temper 

They are super sweet and will do anything for you but the day they switch up on you, you will hate yourself. Them go curse your mama die so don’t test them. 

5. They don’t have time for nonsense 

Edo women are always on the move. Thinking about how to make it bigger than their neighbours so don’t waste their time with small talk. The Edo babe you are talking to has many people on her list, so say whatever you want to say and stop wasting her time. 

6. Yes, they fly 

Stop asking smelly questions. They fly out of your life when they see you trying to do nonsense with them. 

7. They are not afraid of anything 

There is nothing they have not seen. Who you and your mama be?  In fact, it’s them you should be afraid of. Fear who no fear Edo babe.

Nigerian woman angry meme

8. Not every light skinned Edo babe is a mami water

It’s a myth that needs to go. No thanks to Victor Uwaifo. 

nigerian women meme

9. They don’t like the Italy jokes

In the 90s, hundreds of Edo women were trafficked to Italy and the effects of that are still very much present. Don’t make jokes about it and let go of that silly stereotype. It’s 2021 already, grow up and get better jokes. 

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