From the wicked stares that warn us about eating  food at the neighbour’s house, to keeping money for us that we never got, there’s no argument that Nigerian mothers are pretty amazing. However, these are some of the reasons Igbo mothers are top tier.

1. Wickedness

Can’t you see the way Igbo girls are showing these men pure wickedness? Who do you think taught them? 

Igbo mother

2. Beauty

Igbo mothers keep wickedness on a 100 and they have the beauty to match. If you’re tripping for an Igbo babe, who do you think gave her the genes?  

Igbo mother

3. Fire cooking

You can’t be Nigerian and not love at least one Igbo soup. From oha to ofe nsala, ofe akwu ofe okazi, every Igbo soup is a bang. Now, just imagine having full access to the original hands for them. 


4. Rich uncles everywhere

An Igbo mother surrounds herself with wealth. Can you see the way foreign currencies fly around at Igbo weddings? Those men are all affiliated with Igbo mothers, dear. I want one too.


5. Unlimited supply of George wrappers

Is your mother Igbo if she doesn’t have a box filled with wrappers from before you were born? 


6. They teach you the art of being a baby girl

Igbo women will teach you how to make money but never spend it. You may call it jazz, but we call it being a baby girl. She guides you on the art of draining a man’s wallet and maintaining your own secret stash and maintaining beauty while at it.


7. Haggling skills

As much as she loves to make the money, the negotiation skills of an Igbo mother knows no bounds. She will teach you how to “price” something from ₦10,000 down to ₦1k leaving the sellers in tears.

8. Constant prayers

Every Igbo mother is a member of the Catholic Women’s Organisation (CWO). There’s always a rosary hanging on their rear view mirror. It’s a rite of passage once you’re Igbo and become a mother. 



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