Everyone can agree that breasts are some of the most beautiful things in human existence. For something so loved, there’s a lot we don’t know about them. Here’s a list of nine things you should know about your breasts: 

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1. Breasts are more complex than they look 

The breast is divided into six to nine overlapping portions known as lobes. Smaller lobules within each lobe lead to dozens of tiny bulbs capable of producing milk. The lobes, lobules, and bulbs are connected by tiny tubes known as ducts. The gaps around the lobules and ducts are filled with fat. Breasts include blood veins as well as other vessels that transport a colourless fluid called lymph. A whole lot is going on with your breast; show them more love. 

2. Each breast is different from the next

You have probably noticed that one breast is bigger than the other or that it faces a different direction. It’s perfectly normal. The difference in size and shape is more significant in some people than others. 

3. Breasts change a lot 

Every menstrual cycle brings its own change. It could be a change in size or a change in shape but if you notice a lump, colour change, dimpling or swelling, please see a doctor. 

4. Breasts sag

It’s totally normal for breasts to sag. Tight bras won’t help. Deal with this, Tunde and co. 

5. Nipples come in different sizes

They also come in different shapes and colours. Nipples can be flat, everted or inverted (i.e pointing out or pointing in) Some people have combinations of inverted and everted nipples. Inverted nipples can stick out when stimulated but some don’t because they are connected to scar tissue or a short duct. If an inverted nipple that used to stick out when stimulated stops, please speak to a doctor. It could be a sign of breast cancer. 

6. Breast size is hereditary

You are equally likely to inherit your breast size from either of your parents.

7. Nipple stimulation can cause orgasms

Yup, nipple orgasms are a thing. Situmalting the nipple affects the same part of the brain that gets affected with vaginal or clitoral stimulation. It takes a lot of effort sha. No be me send you message. 

8. Most breast lumps are not cancerous. 

Sometimes, before you get your period, as your hormone levels fluctuate, your breast tissues can feel lumpier than normal. Try not to freak out before you see a doctor to confirm it’s nothing.

9. Anyone with breasts can get breast cancer. 

Yes, including men. Early detection is key. 

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