The days of faking orgasms have ended. In this house, we communicate and experiment. Here’s a list of tips for better orgasms according to Sanusi, sex educator and founder of RevaginateNG, a sex-ed startup. 


1. Do not obsess over orgasm

Being conscious about getting an orgasm increases performance anxiety. Orgasms are one part of the pleasure sex brings. Try to focus on the other parts of sex and orgasms may find you there. 

2. Try various techniques

There is no one way to experience an orgasm. If clitorial stimulation doesn’t work, try other activities like milking, teabagging or nipple play. You never know which will bring your next orgasm. 

3. Get comfortable with sex

Orgasms aren’t as cool as they look on TV or how eroticas paint them. It’s okay to look weird, moan, experience shivers and look messy during sex.

4. Embrace Sex Accessories

Sex accessories include sex toys, sex pillows, lubricants and other things. All of these items help you enjoy sex more. For instance, you are 80% more likely to experience an orgasm when you use lubes. Embrace them if you want more orgasms. 

5. Don’t feel sorry for asking for pleasure

Pleasure is your inheritance, please own it. Tell your partner the way you want to be pleasured. Ask and you shall be given. 

6. Don’t assume

Just because a style worked with a previous partner doesn’t mean it will work with a current partner. Remember, there is no guaranteed way to experience an orgasm. Ask your partner what works for them.

7. Prioritise Foreplay and Afterplay

Orgasm doesn’t have to happen during sex. It can happen during foreplay or after play. Prioritise those moments for enhanced sex life. 

And don’t forget to always practise safe sex. 

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