It’s hard to find a good show or movie with a lead character that isn’t about pining for a man’s affection. In this article, some of the women in HER’s Whatsapp community tell us their favourite movies about women and why they love them. 

Kat, Sutton and Jane from The Bold Type


I loved The Bold Type because it is about three best friends, who live in New York and work for a women’s magazine. I loved the differences between the three women. Watching them figure out their lives was nice, and their growth and career advancement felt personal. The show covers a lot of topics about women like racism, feminism, breast cancer, even vagina facials! It’s a 10/10 show. 


I like Broad City. It’s hilarious and chaotic. The two leads are women who live in New York and the wildest shit always happens to them. In every episode, one of them gets into some weird shit and the other one, even if it’s with some hesitation, always jumps into the chaos to help. I love that their friendship is ride or die. It’s one of my top five favourite shows.  

Legend of Korra


The Legend of Korra is one of my favourite shows. Although it’s not focused on women, the best warriors in the show are women. I liked that it covered heavy topics for a kid series like racism, genocide, war, family pressure, society expectations.

Girls from Trinkets


Everyone should see Trinkets. It was nice to see women portrayed in a complex way that didn’t involve boys. I also got to experience people connecting with other people who struggled with the same things they struggled with and finding a way out of it together. Their relationships with their families were relatable and over all, it was a good story.

Black Widow


I liked Black Widow because the character was supposedly tough, but we got to understand why she was the way she was. It turned out her friends and family meant the world to her.

Hidden Figures


Hidden Figures is one for the books. I loved every sentence that was spoken in that movie. These three women, Taraji P. Henson, Janelle Monáe, and Octavia Spencer played the characters like the bad bitches they are. Their journey was beautiful and inspiring. I rate it a 9 over 10. 

The Old Guard


I love The Old Guard. Charlize Theron was a badass in that movie. Despite the fact that they were all a bunch of aged, partially immortal humans, they remained soft and I loved that. The main character went through a lot of things during the middle ages and she didn’t break. Despite her hard-core exterior, she really loved her friends. 

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