What It Feels Like Waiting For The Premier League To Start

The most-beloved Premier League is back!

I would have said the UEFA Champions League, but a lot of you don’t make it that far hehe.

This is you as soon as the Premier League season ends

Even though there are like ten other competitions in the year. It is never enough.

For the one month between the end of the World Cup and the start of the Premier League, this is how you look

“What shall I do with my life now?”  

You’ll just be playing FIFA anyhow and telling yourself that “at least it’s football.”

Even though you’re actually wack and will probably just get frustrated as your friend whoops you over and over.

When you check the calendar

This is what the days look like to you. “Na wah o, this month is slow o.” Even though it’s already the second day of the month.

When you have to pay your family and friends attention because, nothing else to do.

Only to realise that they haven’t forgiven you yet for choosing football over them.

That’s when you will discover your hidden talents.

I bet you didn’t know you could bake, huh?

This is you ordering your team’s new jersey even though you’ve been claiming broke to your family and girlfriend for weeks.

LOL let’s be honest, this isn’t you. You’re going to wash that your old jersey from two seasons ago, and you don’t have a girlfriend.

When one whole week of no football passes, then God blesses you with a few games.

International Champions Cup… well, close enough to Premier League.

But then you remember that you now have to pay for Cable regularly.

“Chimoooo! Almost twenty thaaasand!”

But no matter what it costs, no matter what it takes, you’ll be here to cheer your favourite team

Because what is true love without sacrifice?

So Premier League lovers, what other emotions have you experienced since the World Cup ended? How excited are you for the next season? Rep your club!