There are certain things which define Lagos we’ve all come to love and accept. There are its yellow buses and taxis, its traffic and the fact that it never sleeps. Asides these things, these places, and monuments have also come to define Lagos in such a way that Lagos could never be Lagos without them.

National Theatre

Show a picture of the national theatre to someone who has never been to Lagos and they’ll recognize it. The theatre is full of kiosks and bars that come alive in the night time.

New Afrikan Shrine

The Shrine is a cultural and music hub located in central Ikeja. People who don’t want you to enjoy Lagos will try to convince you it’s for bad gang only. Don’t listen to them, just show them this picture of Ambode and the President of France at Shrine.

National Stadium

The National Stadium is so much more than a bus stop at Surulere it’s one of the places that makes Lagos truly Lagos and the birthplace of some of Nigeria’s greatest sportsmen.

Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge

Even though it was only just commissioned in 2013, the link bridge has become almost synonymous with Lagos. Any new age Nollywood movie released after 2013 has a shot of the bridge in it. And any Lagosian trying to show off their Lagos to non-Lagosian always starts off with showing them a picture of the bridge.

Balogun Market

If you’ve never been to Balogun market please indicate so that we can seize your Lagos passport. Balogun is your go-to-market for everything you need from Ankara to Jeans from Mandilas.

Banana Island

The Narnia of Lagos, where all the big girls and big boys of Lagos aspire to live in. We’ve lost count of how many Nigerian artists have mentioned it in their songs.

Apapa Amusement Park

If you grew up in Lagos then we are pretty sure Apapa Amusement Park was one of the highlights of your childhood.  The park was renovated in 2016 so now is a great time to go and relive your childhood.

Mr. Biggs

Although Mr. Biggs is now scattered across the country, it all started here in Lagos. Who remembers begging their parents to stop at Mr. Biggs after church on Sunday to buy their meat pie?

Mile 12 Market

Mile 12 is the number one market to buy foodstuff from. If you are planning an owambe and need to buy a basket of tomatoes just head straight to Mile 12. Mile 12 is where the market in your neighborhood goes to ‘buy market’.

Tafewa Balewa Square

Anywhere you see a picture of these four white horses you’d know its TBS in Lagos.

Did we leave anywhere out?


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