What happens when you put a group of chatty young Nigerians, who are tired of the country together? You get Nigerians talk. A show that discusses very familiar struggles for the average Nigerian. From living alone to dating to just not having sufficient funds in your bank account.

If you are a veteran of Zikoko, then Nigerians Talk isn’t new to you. We are sure you remember this…

…and this too.

You might have also noticed we took a bit of a break from the show. But we are back, and here’s what to look forward to;

Lots of laughs from Kofo and Hassan.

Undiluted realness from Chisom and Lola. 

New friends in Bianca and Fara. 

Your standard jaded Nigerians in Astor and Peace.  

An agony aunt who would give you actually good relationship advice in Edwin.



Adulting 101 – Moving Out

For every young Nigerian who has grown wings and thinks they are ready to move out of their parents’ house. Well, we have some good news for you, but we also have a lot of bad news.

The Single Pringle Struggle

If you are single and ready to mingle, or maybe not, this is for you. Being single in Nigeria has very unique advantages and disadvantages and you’ll find out exactly what they are here.

Adulting 102: Saving Money

You think you have this whole adulting thing figured out and then you look at your bank account and realize you don’t. How much do you save a month? Do you have retirement plans? Do you have any investments or you are spending all your money on food? Get ready to be dragged in this one.

Who Watches Nollywood?

Nollywood has come a very long way. Even though they might still release ten parts of one movie, it’s unlikely you’ll find ghosts receiving phone calls anymore. But does anyone except our parents who spend all day on AfMag watch Nollywood movies anymore? Find out in ‘Who watches Nollywood?’

The Right Way to Eat Cereal

Does the milk go before the cereal or does the cereal go before the milk? Is an unending debate that has caused several fights and ruined many friendships. Regardless of how you eat your cereal ‘The Right Way to Eat Cereal’ will have you heading to the supermarket to buy a box of Golden Morn Puffs.

A Very Merry Nigerian Christmas

The Christmas episode will awaken some of your fondest memories about Christmas. It will also bring you the startling realization that there is a word of difference between experiencing Christmas as a child and experiencing it as an adult.

There Will Be Watch Parties

Keeps your eyes glued to this page, we’ll keep you updated on where and when.

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