We know it’s hard to convince Nigerians to try any food that isn’t theirs. But forget about our awesome jollof rice for a bit and get lost in these tasty South African dishes.


Bobotie is to South Africa as Jollof is to Nigeria. It’s basically considered their national food and you might denounce Jollof (jokes) when you have a taste of it.


Biltong is described as dried cured meat. We’ve figured that this is the South African version of our suya.


Boerewors is local sausage made from mince beef. Rumor has it that South Africans love their boerewors as much as we love our suya.


The easiest way to describe this dish to a Nigerian is as beans porridge with international exposure. The main ingredients of Chakalaka are beans, cabbage, carrots and tomatoes cooked with spices.

Malva Pudding

The closest thing Nigerians have to a dessert dish is puff puff which is why you need to try this deliciously decadent South African baked dessert.

Bunny chow

If we had to describe Bunny chow in strictly Nigerian terms, then we’ll describe it as agege bread and beans except with bunny chow the beans is replaced by a delicious curry sauce.


Potjiekos is basically stew like you’ve never seen it. Cooked with meat and tomatoes and vegetables you might never want your regular Nigerian stew again after trying it.


Bredie is another traditional South African stew that is guaranteed to make you lose your home training.


Yes, the same pap we all know and love, the only difference is while we process our pap from corn South Africans process their pap from sorghum millet or rapoko.


Koekisister is another South African desert we need to get on the streets of Nigeria. Not everyday puff puff and donut.

To our South African readers did we leave any out? What other awesome South African dishes are we sleeping on.


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