Yesterday, we got information about a new case of Coronavirus in Nigeria. In addition, we also got the decision of the Nigerian Government on Covid-19 thanks to the meeting by the Presidential Task Force On Coronavirus. Part of this decision is a travel ban on countries with more than 1000 reported Covid-19 cases.

Today, the Federal Ministry of Health just announced 5 new cases in addition to the previously discovered ones and here’s what we know about the latest development:

1) These are totally new cases independent of the previously reported ones.

Coronavirus in Nigeria

They had a travel history to some of the banned countries on this list.

2) Risk assessment measures and contact tracing are ongoing.

Coronavirus in Nigeria

Contact tracing means tracking everyone the infected person has been in touch with to reduce the risk of these people spreading the virus. Read more about it here.

3) The Nigerian Center For Disease Control will provide continuous updates and advice as they know more.

Coronavirus in Nigeria

Don’t panic and don’t spread the wrong information.

So, while we await updates, let’s all remember to take the necessary precautions:



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