Citizen is a column that explains how the government’s policies fucks citizens and how we can unfuck ourselves.

We found love in a hopeless place – Rihanna.

Nigerian youths have been protesting peacefully since Friday. Their major demands are that the government must end the rogue SARS unit responsible for extortion and theft. With demands largely unmet, the mood of these protests ranges from anger to frustration to even hope.

However, there’s now…love in the mix?

As strange as it sounds, some people are finding their significant others at protests. We compiled a list of people who have been successful in finding their partners or potentials at these events.

1) I stan with my chest.

2) I’m rooting for this person. A lot.

3) God, when?

4) Ahan. We need masterclass.

5) Police is your friend or something like that.

6) Lmaooo.

7) God, I too usually experience shyness.

Did we miss anything? Kindly let us know!

If you’re looking to help the protests, click this link.

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about how to unfuck yourself when the Nigerian government moves mad. Check back every weekday for more Zikoko Citizen explainers.


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