Will Nigerians Ever Settle These Food Wars?

February 11, 2019

Nigerians will argue about anything. Whether the sky is really blue or if grass is green. Or whether Uncle Bubu is really our president or just a travel blogger occupying the role of the presidency.

But some of the greatest Nigerian arguments ever have been centred around food. Friendships have begun and ended over these food wars. And we don’t know if they’ll ever be settled.

Jollof Rice vs Fried Rice

What makes for the best Sunday lunch meal. Jollof rice or Fried rice? Is Fried rice the best because of all it’s supporting characters or is Jollof the best because it can stand alone?

Amala vs Pounded Yam

Imagine you had a bad day at work, and you had to come home to just one of these two. Would you rather have the white fluffy goodness that is Pounded Yam or a nice supple mound of Amala?

White Eba vs Yellow Eba

Which kind of garri is the best for making Eba? Fine golden yellow garri or Ijebu garri that slaps more than that wicked Math teacher from secondary school.

Yellow Garri vs Ijebu Garri

As far as some people are concerned there’s only one type of Garri you can soak, and that’s Ijebu Garri. Any other type of Garri is an abomination. For some other people it’s yellow Garri or nothing, which is it for you?

Maggi vs Knorr

Which seasoning cube is the real secret ingredient of every bomb ass pot of soup or Jollof ever made? Maggi or Knorr?

Gala vs Superbite

One is a classic that’s almost as old as the country itself. The other is still considered to be the new kid on the block who’s trying to run Gala out of business. But which of them is the best sausage roll ever made?

Spaghetti vs Spaghettini

Do nice thin strands make for the best kind of spaghetti or are the classic strands still the best?

Ijebu Egusi vs Egusi

One is made with vegetable, one without. Which one reigns supreme, Ijebu Egusi or regular Egusi?

Dano Milk vs Peak Milk

All Nigerians will agree that Dano and Peak are the most popular Milk producers in Nigeria. But which is better?

Kellog’s Cornflakes vs NASCO Cornflakes

One is from the overseas, the other is homegrown. The both of them are Nigerians’ favourites, but which of them is prefered?

Chicken vs Turkey

Some people think they taste exactly alike. But both chicken and turkey purists could type out a thousand-word essay on which is better.

Okpa vs Moin-Moin

Should they even be compared at all, or is one better than the other?

Custard vs Ogi

Which is better? Our own local champion, or what is basically Ogi that went to do masters abroad?

Firm Dodo vs Soggy Dodo

Should your plantain be almost rotten before you fry it for dodo, or should it be just the right amount of ripe, so that it’s nice and firm?

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