There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth. But it’s very important for you to recognise when your own has gone from sweet tooth to sweet teeth. If you can relate with more than 5 things on this list, it might be time to seek help. Diabetes is real.

This is how you add more sugar to your garri after you’ve already put in ten cubes.

You’ll now taste it and add even more.

This is you once you’ve not had sugar for twenty four hours.

And you don’t think you have an addiction. You better seek help.

If you drink one bottle of water in a day that means you’ve had 5 bottles of coke.

Any small thing you’ll open coke. If they allow you, you can even use it to brush your teeth.

You always have something sweet on you no matter where you are.

If it’s not sweet, it’s chocolate, if it’s not chocolate it’s chewing gum.

You can eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then wake up the next day and eat it for breakfast again.

There’s sha egg and butter inside so it’s a balanced diet.

This is your face when someone asks you don’t you think you are having too much sugar.

Too much sugar? Is that even a thing? What does that mean?

You have to eat something sweet after every single meal.

Even if the meal was something sweet like custard, you’ll still eat chocolate after.

You never run out of sweet things to eat because you have them stashed in every corner of your house and office.

If you even look under your bed you’ll find something.

Ice-cream doesn’t count as comfort food to you because you eat it everyday.

When you are looking for comfort the best you can do is to eat two tubs instead of one.

When everyone is buying a bag of popcorn at the movies you have to buy two or three bags.

It’s not as if you have two heads, the popcorn they sell at the movies is just never enough.

When you hear someone say something like sugar spoils their appetite.

How is that even possible?

When you think of how much you spend on buying sweet things every month.

It’s sha worth it to you.

When someone tastes something you are eating then says that it’s too sweet.

They should just face their front, they obviously don’t like the finer things of life.
On a final note, brothers and sisters in the Lord, this isn’t all jokes. Drink more water, watch your sugar intake and stay healthy.


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